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Everything you need

Our package includes the latest iPad tablet with Grid Player pre-installed and ready to go. We also include our Grid software for creating and editing grids, a portfolio case for the iPad, and our mini amplifier for high quality speech.

As with all our products, you will also get unlimited technical support from our team.

We also have an iPad package that includes the tough iAdapter case.

As standard we provide the latest model of iPad Air with 32GB hard disk in space grey and without WiFi. If you wish to upgrade the memory then please state this when placing your order. The price will increase inline with the Apple price structure.

AAC with Grid Player

Grid Player is our AAC app for iOS devices. It comes with four complete grid sets: Symbol Talker A, Symbol Talker B, Talking Photos and Text Talker Phrasebook.
To make changes to these grid sets, or to use other Grid 2 or Grid 3 resources with Grid Player, you need to use The Grid 2 PC software.

We have created Grid Player optimised versions of our most popular grid sets, which you can download from Online Grids.


Grid Player includes Widgit, SymbolStix symbols and Snaps Photo Library. It is not currently possible to use paid-for symbol libraries such as PCS, Bliss and Makaton.


Grid Player comes with high quality Acapela speech, with both male and female voices.


Grid Player enables you to use resources from The Grid 2 with the AAC functions available. Advanced features like email and internet browsing only work through other Apps on the device.

Grid Player works with text input, the Snaps Photo Library, Widgit and SymbolStix symbols. However you choose to build your sentences, Grid Player delivers the same high quality speech.

Remote Editing

Users of Grid 3 or The Grid 2 can send their own custom made grid sets to Grid Player. You can also dive into hundreds of user made grids through Online Grids.

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