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PODD is an AAC vocabulary that organises language according to the reasons we communicate. These grid sets are based on the popular PODD communication books. Designed by SLP Gail Porter, PODD is available as an additional purchase in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad.

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PODD is available in Grid with four, easy to personalise grid sets, varying in size and level of complexity to support AAC learners as their language develops. Each grid set is designed to work alongside the paper based PODD communication books, created by Gayle Porter SLP who has over 30 years of experience working with people with complex communication needs.

A range of grid sets with a familiar structure for people using PODD books
Easy to personalise to support progression from early to complex communication
Optimised for touch access, eye gaze and head mouse

PODD 15 and 15+

PODD 15 is for pre-school and school-aged children who are just beginning communication, using 1-2 keyword sentences. There are 15 cells, with phrases for the reason you want to communicate and jumps to language that is likely to be used next. PODD 15+ is for children starting to use 1-4 word sentences and allows you to create more grammatically complete sentences.


PODD 60 Expanded Keyword is for children and teens to create complex sentences. Language development is supported with symbols, whole words, spelling and word prediction. Verb morphology cells provide endings to words. PODD 60 Complex Syntax is for children and teens who use sentence starters, core words and word morphology to form grammatically complex sentences.

Pragmatic Organisation

Pragmatic Organisation is based on the reason language is used and when you are likely to use it. Dynamic Display refers to the way that selections direct you to different grids. When you choose certain words you may be taken to another grid offering words most likely to be needed next.

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Get started with PODD

Get started with PODD

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