Do more with Accessible Apps in Grid

Access email, SMS, social media, entertainment and streaming services, browse the web and more – using any type of access method in Grid.



Grid enables AAC users to stream entertainment services using an accessible grid set. Apps include YouTube, YouTube Kids, Netflix, Spotify, and Disney.

With Grid, you also get access to an AI creativity tool called Mind’s Eye. Developed by Smartbox in partnership with the MND Association, Mind’s Eye is an accessible way to create art in Grid, using any access method.

Social media

Stay connected on social media using accessible versions of popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. These grid sets allow AAC users to send, receive, read and post content on your favourite social media channels and stay connected with friends and family using instant messaging.




Stay connected and organised with the accessible Outlook Calendar, use Amazon Echo to manage Amazon services, access the web with Grid browser, write notes, and keep in touch using simple SMS and email grid sets. Accessible Apps are designed for a wide range of access methods for touch, pointer, and eye gaze users.

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