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Adding and managing grids



With any grid set, you may want or need to change, add or move grids. This is helpful when adding content, changing the way content is linked or removing it altogether.

Creating a new grid

Go to Edit mode by pressing F11 or using the drop-down menu in the top left and selecting Edit Grid.

Select Grid Set, the blue tab at the top of the menu bar.

Select New grid from the list on the left-hand side of the screen.


Once selected, create your new grid by selected the number of rows and columns needed. Give the grid a name and click OK to save.

Adding grids from another grid set

This option is a great way to utilise complicated features already created for other grid sets. For example, you could add a music player grid to a vocabulary grid set about the users favourite music.

In Edit mode, Select Grid set. From the left-hand column, select the options Add from another grid set

By selecting this option, you are then shown a list of all your grid sets. Select a grid set from the list and click Next.

Select the grid you want to copy across. You can copy multiple grids by holding down Ctrl as you click to select.

Select Add.

It is worth noting that when importing grids from other grid sets that there may be some further editing required to get the added grid to fit the style of your current gird. You will also need to add jump cells to allow navigation to and from the added grid.

Save all changes
This button will commit all changes made within the Grid set menu as well as any unsaved editing changes that have been made on the currently open page.

Managing grids
On the Grid set tab, there are several tools for managing your grids.

  • Jump to
    Select the grid you want to navigate to. Select Jump to. This will open the grid in Edit mode
  • Copy
    Use this option to make a copy of an existing grid. Give the copy a name, click OK to save the changes. On saving, the grid will open in Edit mode
  • Rename
    Select the grid you want to rename. Select Rename, type the new name, click OK
  • Set as home
    The home grid is the first grid, the one which you see when you launch the grid set. To set a grid as home, first select it, then click on Set as home. The home grid set has a house icon next to it which is visible when in Edit mode/ Grid set
  • Delete
    Select the grid you want to remove from the grid set. Select Delete. You will be asked to click Yes to confirm. You will be prompted if other grids jump to the one that you are about to delete
  • Export Grid set
    This feature lets you save a grid set as a file. This is useful for creating a backup of for transferring grid sets to another machine (using a USB)

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