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Autocomplete Prediction and SwiftKey in The Grid 2

There are new options in the latest release The Grid 2.7 that will aid those using prediction cells, making it faster to use. For those of you who use a mobile phone for texting, this style of using prediction will be very familiar.

See our video for a demonstration of these new features.

Autocomplete Prediction


There is now an option in User Settings to ‘autocomplete’ the best suggestion for prediction. This automatically displays the best suggestion in the text so that you can accept it immediately. This would be really useful for those with a restricted number of cells, as there is no longer any need to display prediction cells.

  • 1. Go to User Settings, then Dictionaries and Prediction.
  • 2. Select the new option Automatically type the best suggestion, and click Ok.
  • 3. Go into Editing Mode (F11) on your keyboard and prediction grid. For this example, we are using the Chatterbox grid set
  • 4. In an empty cell, add the command Next suggestion. This command allows you to jump to the next available prediction suggestion.
  • 5. In another empty cell, add the command Clear suggestion. This allows you to ignore the autocomplete function, and type the word that you want.


For example, if you were typing someone’s name, the prediction would not find a suitable suggestion, and you would need to clear the suggestion and type it out in full.

You could now remove the prediction cells, and be left with some empty cells to fill with something useful like a full stop.

Try it out for yourself to see how it works. You will notice that suggested words appear as you type – the suggested letters are underlined, the letter you have typed are not underlined. When the workspace is showing the word you want, simply select Space.


The technical term is disambiguation which may sound complicated, but it actually is familiar to lots of people. When you write text messages on your mobile phone, you do not usually have a full keyboard available because you are using the number pad. If you want a ‘c’, you press the ‘abc’ button, and the phone guesses which letter you want. This is now possible within The Grid 2 as well.

This is very useful for those only able to use a small number of cells per grid.

  • 1. Press F11 to enter Editing Mode. Choose an empty cell, and double click to edit.
  • 2. If you wish to use disambiguation, there is a particular syntax required. For example, if you want a cell that will type b, c or d as appropriate into the workspace, type [b_c_d] into the Text command box. Make sure there is not a space after [b_c_d].
  • 3. Change the Cell Text, so that it displays ‘bcd’ to the user, and click OK to close the window.
  • 4. Press F11 to exit Editing Mode and try it out!

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