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Changes to Email Security in Grid

The Grid software update coming in September (3.0.56) includes a number of enhancements to email including increased security, better reliability, and support for a wider range of email providers.

We have focused on making these changes behind the scenes so when you upgrade Grid 3 you should not have to make any changes or even notice a change has been made.

This article will help you if you do notice your emails are no longer working as expected and you need to re-enter your account details, you may also be setting up a new email account or entering the email account details for an existing email account for into Grid 3 for the first time.

Grid 3 has Gmail, Yahoo and email provider settings already built in so you will not have to enter any details apart from your username and password.

If you use a different email provider and need to enter you email account details manually you may notice that the Email page in Menu > Settings > Accounts > Email now looks slightly different.

The Use SSL sliders have been replaced with a dropdown box containing three options:

  • No encryption – equivalent to Use SSL set to Off
  • StartTLS encryption – attempt to use encryption but fall back to an unencrypted connection if encryption is unavailable
  • TLS encryption – always use encryption, and fail to connect if encryption is unavailable

Your email provider will be able to tell you which of these options to choose, please see our other email settings article for more guidance.

Grid 3.0.55 August 2020:

Grid 3.0.56 September 2020:


You may find your email provider requires you to set up two factor authentication and/or an app specific password before you can use Grid 3 to access your emails. For help with this please read this knowledge base article.

Encryption protocol changes: Grid 3.0.56 uses TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 instead of the dated SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 protocols used in previous versions of Grid 3. In the event that client and server support TLS 1.1 and 1.2 the connection will use TLS 1.2 because it is the more secure option.


BT Internet Email settings

icloud email settings

Zoho email settings

Xfinity/Comcast email settings

App specific password required – accurate as of July 2020

Email Provider App specific password required
BT Internet No
Gmail Yes
iCloud Yes No
Yahoo Yes
Xfinity/Comcast No
Zoho Yes

If you are unable to set up your email account in the Grid 3 please contact Smartbox support and we will do what we can to help.

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