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Changing the pictures in a cell


Symbols and images in cells

When you create a Write cell, Grid will automatically suggest a range of symbols and images that you can use. In this lesson, we will go through the different options for adding images to your cell.

Changing a picture on a cell

Using the drop-down menu, select Edit grid (F11) put Grid in Edit mode.

When in edit mode, select the cell you want to amend.

Suggested images will be displayed next to the Change Label button at the top of the screen. If you want an alternative image, select Find Picture. This function searches through the available symbol library which holds thousands of symbols.

Adding a picture from a file

You may want to add a picture from a file stored on your device.

In Edit mode, select Find Picture by using

  • The drop-down menu,
  • F3
  • Right-click on the cell you want to edit

From the left-hand column, select Picture file.

Select the Browse icon. This should open the file location for Pictures on your device. Select your image click Open.

Your cell will then be updated.

Web search and screen capture

These features are handy for creating ad hoc and specialised content.

To search the web from Grid, select Find Picture then select Web search.

Create a screen capture

Select Find Picture, then select Screen capture.

Grid will disappear and the screen will grey out.

Click and drag the rectangular area to cover the area of the screen you want to capture. The capture will automatically be set as the cells image size.

Any captures done during that session of using Grid will be saved under Screen capture.

Using a camera

Use your webcam to take a picture. Select Camera. Select Capture to take a picture.


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