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Changing cell appearance and cell style


We provide a set of tools within Grid that allows you to change the appearance of a cell: colour, shape, border and fill. You can select different fonts, size and colour.

To change the cell appearance

Select one or more cells.

Tip: It is possible to select multiple cells either by:

  • Hold down Ctrl and select multiple cells using touch or mouse click
  • Using a mouse, Right-click, hold and drag to highlight the cells required


You can change colours using the following selections:

  • Fill: to change cell fill colour
  • Border: to change the border colour (the border is the boundary around the cell)
  • Surround: to change the surrounding colour (surround refers to the padding around the border of the cell)
  • Colour: to change the font colour

By selecting Adjust Colour for each of the above options you can adjust the colour balance and transparency.


Select Font from the top menu and choose from the list. Size makes the font smaller or larger.

Tip: As the font size changes in the cell, Grid will automatically adjust the accompanying symbol or image.

Choosing a style

Styles are a quick and powerful way of managing the appearance of a range of cells. It is a useful tool for grouping words: for example, making all verb cells the same colour.

Select one or more cells. Select Style from the top menu and choose from the list of pre-made styles.

Editing styles

Select a cell that is in the style you wish to edit. Change the appearance.

Click Update Style to apply to all cells in that style in that grid set.

Creating a new style

When you create a new style and want to use it again: highlight the cell and select New Style.

You can then name and save your style and have it available to use in the Styles drop-down menu.


These are an easy way to change the look and feel of a whole grid set. Select Themes and choose from the drop-down list.

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