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Common on-screen keyboard cells in The Grid 2

In addition to the letters of the alphabet, there are a number of other uses for cells you may want to use. Here is a summary of these, with details of how to recreate them.

We have drawn symbols for many of these, and these can be found in the ‘Sensory Pics’ folder on your computer. Recall that if a cell jumps to another grid then the symbol is determined by the target grid.

This grid contains the numbers for with a calculator or typing into other programs.
Jump to ‘Calculator’
This grid contains a number of symbols such as £, $, %, &, € and so on.
Jump to ‘Keys – Punctuation’
Function keys
A grid containing the keys F1, F2, F3, etc.
Jump to ‘Keys – Function’
Cursor control
This grid contains cells for moving the cursor and selecting text.
Jump to ‘Keys – Cursors’
Mouse control
This grid contains commands for moving the mouse and performing left, right and double clicks, and dragging.
Jump to ‘Mouse’
Dock window
Moves and resizes the current application to fit the screen area not occupied by the keyboard grid.
Command ‘/dock’
Autoclick toggle
This command alternately disables and enables dwell-clicking on windows other than your keyboard.
Command ‘/ac’
Hide grid
Jump to a small grid in the bottom right, in order to see almost all of the screen. The grid that it jumps to has just 2 cells, one for turning auto-click on and off and the other to jump back to your keyboard grid.
Jump to ‘Hide Grid’ and command ‘/br’
Change scan speed
Make the scanning faster or slower with a cell, for example if getting tired or feeling very alert!
Jump to ‘Scan speed’
Switch tasks
Switch users can use this to change the program that is being typed into (equivalent to holding Alt and tapping tab).
Command ‘/st’
Use menus
This grid is designed for navigating both program menus and the Windows start menu.
Jump to ‘Menu’

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