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Contacts in The Grid 2

Each user in The Grid 2 has a list of contacts for sending email and SMS messages.

In addition to their name, email address and mobile phone number, you can save a photo for each contact.

Editing contacts for a user

You can edit a user’s contacts by selecting Auto content > Contacts from the menu bar above a grid.

  • Click Add New Contact and type their name.
  • Enter the phone number and email address for the contact.
  • Click on Set Picture to select a picture.

Viewing contacts in a grid

There are grids available for sending emails and sms message, and you will see the contacts showing in these grids automatically.

To include contacts in a grid that you have designed, you need to use auto content cells.

  • Press F11 to go into Edit Mode.
  • Select one or more cells to display contacts in (use the control key to select multiple cells).
  • Select Auto content cell from the Cell Options (on the left).
  • Select Contacts from the menu that appears.
  • Press F11 again to stop editing, and click Yes to save changes.

Your contacts will now be shown in the auto content cells. When writing an email or SMS message, you can now select the recipient(s) directly.

More contacts

If you have more contacts than fit onto a grid then you may want to add a “more contacts” button to scroll through your available contacts.

  • Press F11 to go into Edit Mode.
  • Double click on an empty cell.
  • Click on Add Command.
  • Select the All Commands category.
  • Choose More AutoCells (near the bottom of the list) and click Ok.
  • Change the cell text to “more” or “more contacts” and click Ok to complete the cell.
  • Press F11 again to stop editing, and click Yes to save changes.

You can now click on the cell to scroll through your contacts.

User editing of contacts

Users can edit their own contacts, adding people to the contacts list when they receive an email or sms, changing contact details and removing contacts from the list.

The following commands are available for editing contacts (in the Contacts category):

  • Contacts workspace – change to the contacts workspace
  • List contacts – show the list of contacts
  • Up / Down – scroll though the list of contacts
  • New contact – add a new contact to the list
  • Edit contact – view the details for a contact
  • Save contact – save changes to a contact’s details
  • Delete contact – remove a contact from the list
  • Contact name – change the contact’s name
  • Contact email – change the contact’s email address
  • Contact phone number – change the contact’s phone number

You will also find this command under the email and SMS categories:

  • Add to contacts – add the sender of an email / sms to the contacts list.

See the Contacts grid in the Star Talker user (click on the orange contacts icon at the bottom) for an example of user-edited contacts

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