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Converting video files in Look to Learn on Windows 7

Due to the update to Look to Learn requiring HTML5, Look to Learn will automatically convert any video files used in the Video Wall activities to the new structure. However, due to the limitations of Windows 7, this cannot happen automatically and will need to be performed manually before updating and opening the software.

Finding your video files

If your video files are currently being used by Look to Learn, you can find them inside the file location here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sensory Software\Look to Learn\Video wall

There are 4 video wall folders for Video Wall, one for each of the activities in Look to Learn.

NOTE: If you do not want to convert these files and instead want to reset the software back to factory settings, delete any files you find in each Video wall folder, and then run the Look to Learn installer to reset the software. If these video files are still required elsewhere, you can cut and paste them to another folder to store them for future use.

These files will be in a .flv format, as that was the format required for the old Look to Learn installation. We will need to convert these files to a .webm format for use in the new version of Look to Learn.

Create a new folder on your Windows Desktop called Look to Learn Videos and copy and paste all the video files from the video wall folders into this location to make them easier to find. Once they are copied, you can delete the files from the video wall folders.


Converting your video files

To convert your video files we recommend installing the trial version of Any Video Converter Ultimate (, other video conversion tools can also be used if available. This is a third-party program (not owned or supported by Smartbox).

Once the installer has been downloaded, follow the steps on screen and install Any Video Converter Ultimate.

Once installed – you will be prompted for a licence key, simply click the Continue to Try option on the far right, as we recommend uninstalling once your video files are converted.

Once the program opens fully, you can start converting your video files.

  • Click the blue Add or Drag File(s) button in the centre of the screen.
    Add or drag files
  • Browse to your Look to Learn videos folder on your Desktop.
    Open a file
  • Select all the files you wish to convert and click Open.
  • In the drop-down menu in the top right corner (next to the Convert Now! Button) – select the icon that looks like a film strip to filter the list and select .webm, found under the Common Video Files heading. Ensure the “Apply the selected profile to all videos” is ticked at the bottom
  • Click Convert Now! The videos will all convert one at a time; once completed, there will be a Completed tag next to the thumbnail of each picture.
  • The converted files will be stored inside the My Videos -> Any Video Converter Ultimate –> Webm folder. These files can then be copied back into the Video wall folders (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sensory Software\Look to Learn\Video wall). Look to Learn will then open as normal.

Uninstalling Any Video Converter

Once all the video files have been converted, we can remove Any Video Converter from the device. We can uninstall the program via the Programs and Features menu inside the Windows Control Panel.


Simply highlight the Any Video Converter program in the list and select Uninstall at the top of the page. Follow the uninstall process through and the program will be removed. Repeat this process for all Any Video Converter entries, as required.

Once completed, the program should no longer be present in the list of installed programs.

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