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Creating a word list in Grid



Word lists are a convenient way of quickly adding a large number of words or phrases to a grid, using cells which automatically populate from a list.

Creating a word list

Go to Edit mode by pressing F11 or using the drop-down menu in the top left and selecting Edit Grid.

In the grid set, select/ highlight all the cells that you would like to be populated by the word list.

Select Create cell then, from the Chat and writing options, select Wordlist.

From the left-hand side of the screen, select the Edit button to start creating your word list.

Adding words to the list is simple: start typing a word into the box, hitting Enter to separate each individual word. Grid will automatically suggest symbols to use to create the cell.  To change the order of the list, words can be dragged up and down the list on the left-hand side.

Tip: you can find alternative symbols or images by selecting Find picture.

If your list is greater than the number of cells available, Grid will automatically as a More cell to the bottom right of the grid, adding an additional grid for more content.

Tip: Word lists can be easily modified ‘on the go’ without having to go into Edit mode.

Select the Edit icon (top left of the screen) and then select Edit word list.

Wordlist cells are grouped as auto content cells. This means any command added to a word list cell will be copied across to the other word list cells in that grid.

Create word list from a body of text

In Grid, you can create a wordlist using text from a web page, email, document or anywhere else.

Highlight the text and copy it to the clipboard.

Begin editing the wordlist. Select Tools, then Add words from Text. You may need to do some editing to put a word on each line, one line representing one cell.

Once you are happy with your list, click Add. Each word can be edited as before to change pictures and modify the list order.

Tip: Small words such as ‘is ’and ‘the’ are automatically removed. Any other unwanted words can be manually edited out by highlighting them in the word list editors text area and deleting.

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