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Display options in The Grid 2 update 2.7

The Grid 2.7 has some additional display options to that of earlier versions

Grid Window Size

If you wish to change the size of The Grid 2 window, click on File, then Preferences. There are now three options:

  • Full screen – this is the default option, and the most commonly used option for end users.
  • Variable size – this new option means that you can control the window size, just like in any Windows program. This can be useful when editing The Grid 2.
  • Fixed size – this option allows you to design grids for Grid Mobile, and for other devices with smaller screens than the one you are working on. You can now the move this window around the screen.

Grid Redraw Option

There are now three options for displaying grids. These can be found in User Settings, under Appearance.

  • Display background first – this is useful on slow computers. Select this option if you want an instant response when a jump cell is selected. The current grid will disappear, and the new one will be displayed when it is ready.
  • Display grid all at once -This is good if you want a seamless transition between grids, for example if you have two grids which are almost identical. The current grid will remain on the screen for a short time before the new grid is displayed. There is less flicker with this method, but on slow computers you may think nothing is happening.
  • Animate grid -The grid will “slide” onto the screen, to help the user realise that a new grid is being displayed.

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