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Editing the grid layout in Grid 3

Click on the Layout tab on the Menu bar.

change row height sml

The buttons on the Layout tab allow you to adjust the number of rows and columns in a grid, and specify their size.

Inserting a row or column

Select a cell which is next to where you want to insert the row or column, and click on one of the four options to insert above, below, left or right of the current cell.

Deleting a row or column

Clicking on these options will delete the entire row or column of the selected cell.

Tip: If you accidentally delete something which you wanted, you can simply click Undo (or Ctrl+Z).

Resizing a row or column

Select a cell in the row or column you wish to resize, and then click on either Row Height or Column Width and choose the required size.

Tip: You can adjust multiple rows or columns at the same time by selecting more than one cell. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key when selecting.

Cell layout

Click on Cell Layout to choose whether the label appears above or below the symbol. (Note that this change will affect all the cells in the grid set.)

Cell spacing

To adjust the gap between cells, click on Spacing and choose from the list. Both layout and spacing affect the whole grid set.

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