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Environment control troubleshooting in The Grid 2

The most common reasons for recording transmission to fail are:

– Old batteries in the remote (always record codes with new batteries)

– Recording environment (other infrared sources can cause issues – ie the sun, fluorescent lights, plasma TV’s)

– Remote doesn’t send IR (some remotes use RF – check using digital camera (see 6))

– Remote uses toggle bit (alternate) coding ( some remotes, particularly Philips, use 2 or more codes behind the same button – so pushing the down arrow on a remote does not send the same code each time – so code only works sometimes. Check this by pressing the remote button, then cover the transmitter window & press button again then see if next press triggers the device or not)

– Frequency to be recorded is outside standard IR (typically 38Khz, 930nm & 14bit for RC5 (EU & US) protocol for consumer electronics – NEC protocol is similar for Japan & Asia.) specification – typically equipment from Bang & Olufsen, Vidikron & Linn do not use standard IR

– Transmitter on remote handset is not where you think it is. Use a digital camera (phone or webcam) to view transmission of IR – just hold camera near transmitter and when a button is pressed you should see a large white dot on the camera screen.

– Receiver on device being operated is very directional – if the code is not transmitted directly in “line of sight” to the receiver the operation fails. Try holding transmission window of controller VOCA in direct line to device. Only fix for this is better positioning of transmitter or reflection of code via mirror or polished metal placed above transmission window at appropriate angle – use plastic mirrors and rounded corners on any metal.

– Code being transmitted is being overpowered by other source – ie receiver on device in direct sunlight

– Code is extremely short and does not repeat when held so signal is not being captured correctly  – try pressing button repeatedly and rapidly during capture alternate fix for this is to record code into a gewa or similar IR learning remote  and then transmit from Gewa to TIRA UIRT in glide (auto repeat) mode.

– Code is being captured multiple times – very quickly press (tap) button once (do not hold) repeat for recording process.

– Code is a double (relay) code and sends On & Off as part of the same code & Hardware receiving toggles state accordingly.

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