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Eye gaze settings in Grid 3

If your camera has not already been set up, follow the documentation supplied with your eye gaze camera to install the software and connect to your computer.

Click on the Menu bar, then Settings, Access and Eye Gaze.

eye gaze new img


Select your camera from the drop down box.

Choose to track one or both eyes (option not available on all cameras). Smoothing can be adjusted to reduce ‘jitter’.


Choose either dwell, blink or switch press to activate a cell. Different adjustment options are available for each activation method.


Choose how cells will be highlighted.
Choose whether or not an eye gaze dot (a small cursor) will be shown.
Choose whether or not audio highlighting will be used.


To make accurate selections with eye gaze, calibration is necessary.

eye gaze calibration

Before calibration ensure that the user is in the correct position relative to the camera, by making sure that you see a smiling face in the Monitor window. If you are too close or too far away, the face will be red.

The calibration process involves gazing at a series of targets. The color and size of the target can be customized. You can also choose a custom image – under Target, click Custom Image and then Browse.

Number of targets – choose 2, 5 or 9. More targets will result in greater accuracy.
Choose whether the calibration will automatically move between points or advanced manually.
Choose the speed of calibration.
Click Calibrate to begin.

When the results are displayed, you can click on one of the calibration points to improve it or Improve Calibration to improve all points. (Points shown in red should ideally be improved.)

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