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Eye gaze settings in Grid


Grid is compatible with all forms of access. Eye gaze is often seen as the most flexible access method, used across a variety of conditions and abilities.

If your eye gaze camera has not been installed, please follow the installation documentation supplied with the camera to install the software and connect to your device

Eye gaze settings

In Grid Explorer, open the Menu and select Settings (or press F10). Then Access > Eye gaze


You use this menu to select the camera you want to use with Grid. You can select from the drop-down list of supported cameras. You can also access camera-specific settings from inside this menu, for example:

  • Single eye-tracking
  • Smoothing
  • Indicator lights


This menu houses the settings to configure how the eye gaze camera works with Grid.

The Activate settings change how the user will select cells inside Grid. The first drop-down menu offers a selection of 3 access options:

  • Dwell to click – holding gaze on a cell to activate it
  • Blink to click – blinking for a specified amount of time to activate a cell
  • Switch to click – pressing a pre-programmed switch will activate a cell


This alters what happens when a cell is dwelt on. Choose from;

  • Highlighting border
  • Highlighting background
  • Magnification

It is also possible to turn on an eye gaze dot. This acts as a visual representation of the focus of the users’ gaze.

You can also activate auditory feedback on highlighting which will read the label of the cell the user is looking at.


Selecting the Calibrate button will automatically start an eye gaze calibration within Grid. This process requires the user to follow and focus on a dot as it appears on the screen. This helps ensure accuracy from the camera.

Calibration is fully customisable with the following parameters being fully customisable:

  • Number of calibration points
  • Speed of dwell
  • Speed of movement of the dots
  • Style of calibration point
  • Whether the calibration is automatic

Tip: You can use a custom picture for calibration. Select Custom Image from the top drop-down menu.

Computer Control

This menu allows you to change how the eye gaze camera interacts with Grid when using a computer control grid set.

The drop-down menus allow you to specify how the user will activate a click as well as turn on the eye gaze dot.

The sliders beneath change depending on which activation method is selected from the first drop-down box.

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