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Eye gaze track status update

Grid 3 version 78 (August 2022) includes a number of updates to the eye gaze track status window.

You will find improvements to the user experience and several unique features for Lumin-i users.

What’s new?

The Settings – Eye gaze window has been updated to make it easier to get started with your camera.


We have added a three step colour code for checking your position. These colours are colour blind safe and easy to understand.

Green – OK
Orange – Acceptable
Red – Poor or issues

Face and Eyes toggle

You can now toggle between face and eyes on the track status window.

When Face view is selected, the colour of the face represents the distance to the camera. It also tells you if the camera can see your eyes, but not the full visibility of your pupil.

When Eye view is selected, the colour of the eyes represent the full visibility of each eye. (If you are using a camera that does not support eye visibility, this will default to show distance).

Larger track box bumpers

The size of the track box bumpers has been increased to make the boundary of your tracking area clearer.

New for Lumin-i users

There are a number of new features available for Lumin-i users.

Positioning guide

An advanced Positioning guide gives you detailed information to help you position your camera correctly, and check your position against your previous calibration.

Grid 3 positioning guide screenshot

Distance indicator

The new distance indicator shows if the Lumin-i camera is too close or too far from the user’s eyes.

Track status

Camera distance (approximate)

The distance between the users eyes and the eye gaze camera in centimetres or inches.

Eye visibility (%)

The Lumin-i camera reports how visible each eye is as a percentage, this indicates how much of the users eye the camera can see.

Head angle

Angle of the users head in relation to the eye gaze camera.

Last calibration

The users position when the eye gaze camera was last calibrated.

Status text

A short description of the current track status.

Tip: You can use this information to position your device exactly as it was before, reducing the need to recalibrate!

New commands and cells in Grid

The new positioning guide can be added to any of your grid sets to create accessible track status grids.

You can find all the new commands under Access settings in the command library.

These cells will only appear when a compatible camera is connected.

Cell styles

Many of the new commands have a cell style option. Selecting Positioning guide will use the new styles including the colour warnings. Selecting Cell style will allow you to adjust the look using the editing tools.

Tip: To change the colour of the face, eyes or indicator when using the Cell style, use the Font colour.

Eye gaze distance indicator

Use the distance indicator bar to check if you are too far or too close to the eye gaze camera.

Camera distance measurement (Lumin-i only)

Displays the approximate camera distance measurement in centimetres or inches.

Head angle (Lumin-i only)

Displays the current angle of the eye gaze camera in relation to the users head.

Eye visibility (Lumin-i only)

Displays the current visibility of the selected eye (left or right).

Track status description (Lumin-i only)

Displays the current track status in easy to read text.

Speak track status description (Lumin-i only)

Reads out the current track status of your device. Note that you do not require the Track status cell present for this to function.

Tip: You can add the speak track status description command to the Track status description, or eye gaze monitor for audio feedback of your position!

Updated commands

Eye gaze monitor

You can now select the appearance of the Eye gaze monitor live cell.

Eye gaze monitor display

You can now set the display to face, eyes, video, manufacturer or cycle between.

Using the new commands

You can use the new commands together to build your own track status grid set!


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