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Eyegaze interaction with The Grid 2

The Grid 2 supports a number of eye gaze interaction systems. These allow you to use your eyes to control The Grid 2 – giving you access to communication and computer features.

The Grid 2 allows you to make selections using dwell, blink or an external switch. You can configure how The Grid 2 highlights cells, how long selections take and other settings.

You can also use eyegaze with The Grid 2’s Computer Control features to access Windows. The Grid 2 occupies a portion of the screen and can be used for launching programs, on screen keyboard and selecting mouse buttons. When you look at the other parts of the screen, you can control the mouse pointer and use our zoom-dwell function to click accurately on other windows.

The Grid 2 also allows you to configure your calibration, selecting colours and areas of the screen for calibration.

The Grid 2 has integrated support for the following eye gaze systems:


Alea Intelligaze

EyeTech QuickGlance

LC Eyegaze

Other eye gaze systems can be used if you set them up for mouse control, and then configure The Grid 2 for mouse input. This does not allow you to use The Grid 2’s advanced setup options, but is quite usable for most people.

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