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Getting started with Lumin-i

To get started you will need to install the Lumin-i software drivers on your Grid Pad and activate your Lumin-i licence. Your device must be connected to the internet to download the driver and licence the camera.

  1. Download the Lumin-i installer 
  2. Activate your Lumin-i licence in Grid 3: MenuSettingsLicencesActivate
  3. Once you have activated Lumin-i you will see a Windows Firewall prompt, select Allow access

Calibrating Lumin-i

Next you will need to calibrate Lumin-i in Grid 3:

  1. Go to MenuSettingsAccessEye gaze
  2. Select Camera and use the drop-down menu to select Lumin-i
  3. Go back to the Eye gaze settings and select Calibrate 

Please note that it can take some time to complete the calibration process for Lumin-i. The software is working in the background to get the best setup for you.

Once complete you will be given your calibration results. Lumin-i will remember your calibration, so you do not need to calibrate every time you use your device. Recalibrating is recommended if there is a change in environment or positioning.

Useful documents:
Lumin-i Getting started guide
Lumin-i tips for outdoor use

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