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Getting started with voice activation in Grid 3

The voice activation Access method in Grid 3 allows you to toggle cells and navigate grid sets using your voice.

When you turn on voice activation your grids default to a ‘Rest’ state. When you speak the Wake up phrase, the grid set will toggle the Rest cell and you can speak any cell label to activate it. By default the wake up phrase is ‘Hey Grid 3’ however this can be changed to whatever you want!

Setting up your voice

The voice activation settings are found under Settings > Access > Voice

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To turn on voice activation select ‘Speak cell text to activate’ under the Activate heading.

You can select the microphone you wish to use to listen for the Wake up phrase under the Audio input option. This opens the Windows sound menu and displays all of the available audio input devices.

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To improve the performance of voice activation you can configure your microphone. This will take you through the Windows Microphone Setup Wizard and help you adjust the settings to pick out your voice clearly. Once this process has been completed you can also use the Improve accuracy option to take you through the Speech Recognition Voice Training. This takes between 30 minutes and an hour. This process asks you to read aloud a variety of sentences to fine tune the voice recognition.

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Changing the phrase ‘Hey grid 3’

To change the wake up phrase ‘Hey Grid 3’ simply change the text in the Wake up phrase text box. We recommend something short but also uncommon, such as ‘Hello Grid Pad’ or ‘Hi computer’. You can even name your computer if you like!

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You can also select the Auto-rest time in seconds, this is the amount of time Grid 3 will be listening for the cell command. note that when you activate a cell, the auto-rest time resets so you can make multiple activations.

You can also adjust the sensitivity, which varies depending on your microphone.

Setting up your grid sets

If you are going to be using voice activation, it is worth keeping a few things in mind. You will need a rest cell, much like an eye gaze grid. This will give you a visual hint that Grid 3 has heard you when you speak the wake up phrase.

It is also important to note that activating a cell requires you to speak the cell’s label, cells without labels cannot be activated. It is useful to give your cells clear labels that you are comfortable speaking and describe their function.

To help you get started we have made voice activation versions of our Servus and Simple Servus grid sets on Online Grids.

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