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Grid 2 mobile phone workspace

The new Mobile Phone workspace in The Grid 2.3 allows you to make and phone calls, and send and receive SMS text message. Note that this workspace was called the SMS workspace in The Grid 2.2.

Making a call

When you change to this workspace, you see a box where you can enter a phone number. You can type a phone number with your typing cells, or have a number pre-stored in a cell. You can also select a contact auto content cell to use their phone number.

Use the Phone Call command to start a phone call (or to answer a call) and the Hang Up command to end a call.

Whilst you are making a phone call, you can switch to another workspace and speak as normal. The person at the other end of the phone will hear the speech and other sounds from your computer.

Sending or reading an SMS text message

Sending SMS messages is exactly the same as before. All the commands for checking the inbox, sending messages, etc, work in the same way. Use the Edit phone number command to get back from the SMS inbox to entering a phone number.

Compatible mobile phones

You need a phone that supports this. It can be done over Bluetooth or with an Aircard (a mobile phone that goes inside a computer). If you have an Aircard, you need to get an audio adaptor from us to make the audio connections.

If you are using a Bluetooth connection, you can use the audio adaptor or you can simply place the phone near the computer and rely on the microphone to pick up the loudspeaker… but you will need to think about how the voice of the other person (coming down the phone) will be heard.

We’ve also increased the number of phones supported by The Grid 2. There is a list of tested phones available which you should consult before buying a phone. If your phone is not listed, contact us to see if we can get it working!

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