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Grid 2 User Migration Tool

Some users have reported erratic behaviour when running Grid 2 under Vista or on ‘locked down’ XP machines. Typical symptoms include:

  • Unable to delete some Grid 2 Users.
  • Edits to grids not being saved.
  • Some grid sets missing when logged in under a different Windows account.

These problems arise because, under Vista, Windows tries to prevent changes made when logged in under one Windows account affecting other users on the machine. Grid 2 is intended to be used so that all users see the same sets of grids.

The problem can be solved by moving the Users folder to a location under Public Documents (or ‘Shared Documents’ on Windows XP). Sensory Software have produced a ‘Grid 2 User Migration Tool’ that moves your existing users to the public location and updates your startup preferences.

Who should use the tool?

The tool is intended for use by users who have installed The Grid 2.4 or earler under Windows Vista, or who have upgraded from Grid 2.4 to 2.5 and are experiencing problems editing grids. The tool is also for users who wish to be able to edit grids under XP when logged in as a ‘limited user’.

How to use the Tool.

It will list the users in your current installation. When you click the ‘Next’ button, it will copy your existing users to the new location under Public Documents. If you already have files in the new location, the new copies will be renamed. The migration tool will then update Grid 2 or Grid keys to use the new location.

If you experience problems please contact support.


Running the tool when logged in as a ‘limited user’ under Windows XP:

If you are running as a limited user, or on a locked down Windows XP machine, please ask your system manager to run the tool for you.

Corrupted pre-installed users

If you have have tried to edit the pre-installed Grid 2 users (Star Talker etc) in the original location they may have become corrupted. In this case the copies may also be corrupt. To fix this problem please do the following:

  • Run the migration tool to move your existing files and update Grid 2 to use the new location.
  • Start Grid Explorer and delete the corrupt users.
  • Install Grid 2.5 from a disk dated 27 January 2009 or later. This will install any of the standard users that are missing.

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