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Grid 3 is now available in my language, how do I update?

When a new language is available for Grid 3, it is installed by simply running the Grid 3 update either directly in Grid 3, or by running Smartbox Update found in your Start Menu.

Once updated Grid 3 will restart and the user interface will default to the language of your operating system. Translated grid sets for your language are also added as part of the update and can be added to any user. Note that users can have grid sets in multiple languages.

How do I get voices in my language?

To download voices in your language, follow the Downloading new voices guide, selecting your language will show all available voices. Depending on your language, Grid 3 will have several voices already licensed, other voices can be trialled for 60 days and purchased from within Grid 3.

How do I import my old grid sets into my language?

Grid sets you have already been using can be imported to a new user using the following guide:

How do I import grid sets in Grid 3 from one language into another?

You can also add grid sets in your language by using the language selector on the Add grid set window.


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