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Below is an archive of the support answers for anyone still using Grid Mobile. Please note we no longer support Grid Mobile and it is not compatible with modern systems. These articles are provided for reference only, and there is a chance that links to external websites may no longer work.

Grid Mobile backlight not working


On certain machines when you are running GridMobile and switch off the device, a blank white screen sometimes briefly appears before the device switches off. When this happens, upon switching on again, you can see the grid only very faintly. The backlight does not turn on. The grid responds correctly to cell presses, but is hardly visible.

This problem has only been reported on HP Ipaq 214 – please call Smartbox if you see this fault on other devices so we can track the problem.

To turn the backlight on again:

If the backlight won’t come on after pressing the power button leave the machine idle for the time it would take for the backlight to switch itself off had it been on (“Backlight turn-off time”, usually 30 seconds to 1 minute), and then a single screen touch or button press should bring it back.

Alternatively connect the device to the mains charger or PC sync cable briefly.

Avoiding the problem:

The fault can be avoided if the user waits 15 seconds after the last screen tap or keypress before pressing the power button to turn the machine off.


Grib mobile versions 2.2.x.081 and above have a configuration setting that can be set to prevent the problem occurring.

In the memory card User folder there is a file called config.ini which contains device-specific settings. Using a text editor add the following line to the [config] section of the file (if this line already exists, set the value to 0):

backlight control =0

N.B. This setting should only be used on machines that exhibit the problem.

N.B. Switch users would not be able to take advantage of the fix as it prevents the backlight turning on when a switch is pressed, however a serial-switch user probably would not be operating the power button and would therefore not be affected by the fault.

Instructions for editing config.ini:

Quit Grid Mobile.
In the memory card User folder there is a file called config.ini. Copy this file back to a desktop computer using a sync cable or a card reader.
Rename the original config.ini card as a backup (e.g. config.old).
Edit the file with Windows Notepad.
Save the file and copy it back to the memory card.
If you would like any help with this process please call technical support

Grid Mobile does not go to sleep

Grid Mobile keeps the machine awake when the buttons on the device are NOT configured to be used by the software.

This is to allow program to be used by people who have poor hand function who cannot operate the small buttons on the device. They might, for example, use a large external switch or press the screen to control scanning but if the machine is allowed to go to sleep they would not be able to turn it on again. Keeping the machine awake all the time obviously has implications for the battery life, so this may not always be desirable – it’s a bit of a compromise depending on the needs of the individual.

To allow the machine to sleep you need to configure at least one of the built-in buttons to be used by Pocket Grid.

For example, someone with moderate hand function difficulties might control scanning by tapping the screen but also use one of the small built-in buttons for Cancel. In this configuration Grid mobile will allow the machine to sleep after a period of inactivity as it assumes that the user is able to operate the buttons (even if that is not their principal access method). The length of time before the machine sleeps is configured in the Windows|Settings|System|Power control panel Advanced tab.

If someone is using Direct Selection (i.e. without needing to have the built-in buttons configured) it is still possible to allow power to go off by setting up a buttton as one of the unused scanning functions. Even though it is not being used, the very fact that this dummy button is configured is enough to tell Grid Mobile to allow the machine to go to sleep. To set this up: change to scanning mode, set “Advance to next cell”=hold switch, and then set CANCEL to one of the hardware buttons. Then turn the scanning off again to get back to Direct Selection. (This may not work in some older versions of the software).

Please remember to check your settings in the Windows control panel (Start|Settings|System|Power).

Unwanted Media Player messages in Grid Mobile

If Windows Media Player is running then every time you wake the machine up or turn it on a message pops up asking “A Storage Card was inserted- do you want to search for audio or video files“.

Ideally you should actually stop all programs other than Grid Mobile because they can have annoying pop-up messages or other unwanted effects. They also consume precious memory and can slow your machine down. On Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PCs clicking the ‘x’ button does not actually close a program, it merely hides it. In order to shut other programs down go to the Windows control panels:-

Tap on Start|Settings. Select the System tab and tap Memory. Then select the Running Programs tab.

This lists all the programs that are actually running and you can select those you wish to stop and tap the Stop button.

Applies to: Windows CE4, Windows CE4.20, Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE, Pocket PC, PDA, Smartphone, Grid Mobile, Pocket Grid.

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