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Grid Pad 10s Device temperature

Your Grid Pad will get warm. This is by design and is safe for the user and the Grid Pad. However, if you are holding the Grid Pad or resting it on your lap this can be uncomfortable. It is best to use it on a desk, mount, or tray if it gets too warm for comfort.


There are 4 main things that create heat.


Charging a battery creates heat. Most heat is created when the battery is at it’s lowest. If you will be holding the Grid Pad or resting it on your lap, it is best to charge it beforehand to avoid discomfort.


Grid Pad has a very powerful computer. When it is used intensively, running multiple programs, playing games, playing videos, it will get warm. If you are using it intensively it is best to use on a desk, mount or tray.

Daylight bright display

The daylight bright display needs a lot of power to be so bright. If your Grid Pad gets too warm for comfort, reduce the brightness.

Ambient temperature / Direct sunlight

Grid Pad is designed to operate in temperatures up to 35oC. If you are in a hot environment or in direct sunlight your Grid Pad will get hot. Move into the shade or a cooler environment to let your Grid Pad cool down if it gets too hot.

Temperature safety

There are safety protection devices inside that will shut down the Grid Pad if the maximum allowable temperature is exceeded. This will avoid damage to the Grid Pad.

No accessible part will exceed 48°C. This is the maximum allowable temperature for parts likely to be touched specified by EN 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment basic safety and essential performance.

Conditions for safe contact

The maximum allowable temperature for parts applied directly to the skin is 48°C. In normal use the device will not exceed this temperature, but it is possible when charging, processing intensively, using daylight bright, or if the ambient temperature is high. For this reason, do not exceed 10 minutes of continuous contact. This is for continuous contact directly with the skin and hotspot on the device.

  • Do not leave the device on the users lap or body.
  • Do not leave the device in direct contact with the user’s skin.
  • Do not touch the device with broken skin or open wounds.
  • Infants or high-risk groups should not touch the surface of the device if they are sensitive to heat and at greater risk of burning their skin.


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