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Grid Pad 10s Remote Power Button

Your Grid Pad 10s includes a Remote Power Button, which allows you to turn your Grid Pad on and off independently (either by using the blue power button, or by connecting a switch).

The Remote Power Button can also be used for wireless switch scanning with up to two switches.

You can configure how your Remote Power Button behaves within your Grid settings: MenuSettingsComputer. Here you can toggle if you want your Remote Power Button to Turn on with remote and/or Turn off with remote. You can also choose how long the button or connected switch needs to be pressed before the device powers off.

Using the switch ports

The two ports on the top of your remote power button allow you to connect one or two switches with a standard 3.5mm plug.

Switch port 1 can also act as a power button, allowing you to use a connected switch to turn your device on and off.

The switch ports of the Remote Power Button are linked to the switch ports of the Grid Pad.

A switch attached to Port 1 of the Remote Power Button will do the same thing as a switch plugged in to Port 1 on your Grid Pad, so you can use it to activate cells in Grid and toggle the device to power off with a long hold.

Changing the batteries

The Remote Power Button uses two AAA batteries.

To change the batteries of your remote power button you need to use a screwdriver to remove the four screws from the rear of the device.

Remove the battery cover, and the spent batteries and replace with new ones.

Pairing the Remote Power Button

The Remote Power Button is paired with your Grid Pad out of the box so you can use it straight away.

You may need to re-pair it if you change the batteries, or want to use it with a different Grid Pad 10s.

To re-pair, press and hold both volume buttons on your Grid Pad for 10 seconds. The LED on the front of the Grid Pad will flash.

Use a pin or thin wire to press in the pairing button, the left hole above the batteries. Press this in for 5 seconds until the LEDs on the front of the Grid pad will blink rapidly to confirm pairing.

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