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Hiding the menu bar in The Grid 2

You can hide the menu bar to prevent it being accessed. On a tablet computer with The Grid 2 running full screen with no menu bar, all you can see is your grids: there is no way to get into User Settings, Editing Mode or Grid Explorer.

Use the keyboard to show or hide the menu bar

Press F12 to show or hide the menu bar. If you are using a tablet computer that does not have a keyboard then this option will not be available!

Hide the menu bar from the main menu

Select Edit > Show Menu Bar from the main menu to untick the menu option. Of course, once you have hidden the menu bar this option will no longer be available, so you cannot use this to re-show the menu.


Show or hide the menu bar from the window menu

Click on the window menu (click on the icon in the titlebar or press Alt-Space to open the window menu) and select Show Menu Bar.

Click in the grid corners to show the menu bar

You need to turn this option on before you can use it. Select File > Preferences from the menu, then tick the option “Click in grid corners to show the menu bar”, the click Ok to save the change.

Now hide the menu bar using one of the methods listed above. You will see two small red squares in the top-left and top-right corners of your grid.

To show the menu bar, click the square in the top-left, and then click the square in the top-right.

Hide the menu bar by default

If you would like the menu bar to be hidden when The Grid 2 starts, select File > Preferences, and then untick the option “Show menu bar above grids”. The menu bar will not be shown when The Grid 2 starts, but you can re-show it using any of the methods listed above.

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