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How to get Symoji in Grid

There are a couple of ways to get Symoji in Grid

  • Add the standalone grid set from MenuAdd grid setSymbol communication Symoji
  • Add the latest version of Super Core, Text Talker, Fast Talker or Voco Chat (Symoji is built-in)
  • Jump between your existing grid set and the Symoji grid set using a Change grid set command
  • Manually add the Symoji grids into an existing grid set (see guidance below)

How to manually add Symoji to an existing grid set

Follow the steps below to add Symoji to an existing grid set. In this example we use Super Core.

Step 1

Go to MenuAdd grid setSymbol communication Symoji to add the standalone Symoji grid set to your Grid Explorer.

Step 2

Create a backup of your existing Super Core grid set by going to Add grid set again, then selecting Copy grid set file, then select your current user. Find Super Core from the list and select Next, then OK. A copy will be added to your Grid Explorer (it will have the suffix ‘ – Copy’).

Step 3

Open your existing Super Core grid set, then go to Menu Edit grid. In the top menu, tap the blue Grid Set tab. This will list all the grids in your grid set.

Select Add from another grid set and select the Symoji grid set and select Next. Once the grid set has loaded, the Select All button will become available. Tap this, then select Add.

Step 4

Now you need to add a Jump cell to the Magic Wand grid (or equivalent), that takes you to the Symoji positive grid.

To do this, search for the Magic Wand grid and select Jump to, then select an empty cell and select Create cellJump toSymoji positive. Change the label to Symoji.

Step 5

Next you will need to add a Self-closing command and set the cell action to Self-closing off and toggle the Change colour when self-closing to Off.

Step 6

Follow the Jump cell to the Symoji positive grid, and make a new Jump to cell that takes you back to the Super Core Home grid.

To make room for this jump, you could replace the return to Grid Explorer cell or reduce the size of the Chat writing area. Repeat this step for each Symoji grid.

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