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How to backup users in The Grid 2 Grid Explorer

The release of The Grid 2.7 adds some additional features to Grid Explorer which make it very easy to move users around, and make backups. A particularly useful feature is that Grid Explorer will now display users on more than one drive (for example, on your computer, AND on a memory stick).


Saving users on external drives

It is always a good idea to keep a backup copy of users on an external drive such as a memory stick, SD card or additional hard drive.

If you have users on an external drive, it is now very easy to save and view these users through the Grid Explorer window.

Grid Explorer will look for users on all available drives. It will look for a folder named X:/Sensory Software/ Portable/The Grid 2/Users, where X: is the drive letter. Create this folder on your external drive, and you will be able to access them in Grid Explorer


When the external drive is plugged in to your computer, there is an extra button in the toolbar of Grid Explorer. Click on this button and it will show you any users in the external drive.
If you plug in one or more removable drives with users on, these show as separate locations in Grid Explorer. You can open, edit, copy, rename and generally use these users as if they were on your computer.

  • Users can be dragged between grid explorer windows.
  • If you drag to/from a removable drive, users are copied not moved.
  • You can drag users onto a different tab.
  • If you remove a USB card/drive when a user is open, the user will close. Grid Explorer windows exploring grids for users on the card will also close.

Saving users when in use

There is another new handy feature, which allows you to save grid bundles easily. When a user is open, go to File and click on Backup User.

Other additions to Grid Explorer

When importing a grid bundle, you can select which tab it imports to – whether it be Users, WordPower, Computer Control, etc.
Grid Bundles can be dragged into Grid Explorer to start the import. The option to click on Add a grid bundle is still available.

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