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How to record Grid 3 audio with Audacity

If you want to record the audio coming out of Grid 3, to record a speech or to capture some of your creations in Soundbox, you will need to install software that can capture your computers audio.

We like the free Audacity software which can be downloaded here.

(Please note that this is not Smartbox software!)

Audacity is an audio capture and editing tool with many great features. What we want to do is set it up so that when we press record, it will capture the audio that is coming out of the speakers, rather than going into the device via a microphone.


Depending on your device you may have slightly different audio outputs to those listed below.

First we need to select the audio host that Audacity is listening to. In the shot below we select Microsoft WASAPI.


Then select which output to ‘listen’ to when capturing the recording. This will be the same output as the speech settings in Grid 3. You can also choose if you want a stereo or mono recording. For voice recording mono is fine, but if you are capturing audio from Soundbox you may want to use stereo.


To test the settings, hit the red record button on Audacity’s controls, then switch over to Grid 3 and trigger some audio.


Switching back to Audacity you should see the blue sound waves appearing in the file view. Press stop, then play to listen back to the audio to make sure everything is okay! You can now record the audio coming from Grid 3.

Use File – Save Project to keep your recording, if you want to share your audio online it will need compressing. These options are found in Audacity under File – Export Audio. Common formats used to share audio are MP3 and OGG. To export an MP3 you may need to download an additional file called a Codec to export properly. Audacity contains the instructions to do this if necessary.

Want to share your audio online? There are lots of services that let you upload and share, Soundcloud is a popular choice with a free account that allows for easy uploads and sharing.






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