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How do we estimate our battery life?

Battery life of a device is dependent on how the device is used. Some users will be using their device all day, using nearly every feature, browsing the internet, streaming video, playing music and more. An AAC user on the other hand may only use the device for using the Grid to communicate.

For us to give a fair estimate of the expected battery life of a device we perform some basic tests that reflects the typical use of an AAC device.

Our battery test

Our settings test at test:

  • 70% screen brightness
  • 50% device volume

We then run Grid 3 on an hour long cycle, first Grid repeats our test phrase “AAC is more important than knowledge” every minute for 35 minutes

The display then rests for 25 minutes, before starting from the beginning.

We run this until the battery is completely depleted. This test is then repeated at least three times, until we find a consistent and reliable battery life.

We developed this test over time to reflect ‘typical’ use of an AAC device and to meet the standards our customers require.

How we quote our battery life

We will always round our quoted time down to the nearest hour. If the device supports eye gaze, we will also quote the battery life with and without eye gaze.

What can effect our quoted battery life

  • Playing back video and media
  • Intensive web browser use
  • Screen brightness
  • Age of device
  • Using additional software or games

Validating our battery tests

We validate our battery test by running it on other AAC devices on the market. We compare our results to their quoted battery life to be confident our test is fair and accurate.

For more information on improving battery life

How can I improve the battery life of my Grid Pad device

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