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How do we estimate our battery life?

Battery life of a device is dependent on how the device is used. Some users will be using their device all day, using nearly every feature, browsing the internet, streaming video, playing music and more. An AAC user on the other hand may only use the device for using the Grid to communicate.

For us to give a fair estimate of the expected battery life we perform some basic tests.

For non-eye gaze devices

We use a device like an intensive user, this involves having the screen at 100% brightness, running Grid 3, YouTube, music and email with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected. We keep the device running until the battery is completely depleted.

We also use the same device as an AAC only user by having a device with its screen on 100% brightness, running Grid 3 and with Wi-Fi connected. Again we time how long the battery lasts until it is completely depleted.

We think our users are more likely to be intensive users, so we take a weighted average of 70% intensive and 30% AAC.

For example, under intensive conditions the Grid Pad Pro 11 lasted 5 hours and under AAC conditions lasted 9 hours.

70% of 5 hours = 3.5

30% of 9 hours = 2.7

3.5 + 2.7 = 6.2 hours.

So when we give an estimated battery life we round down to say 6 hours.

For eye gaze devices

To test our eye gaze devices, we use a Grid Pad like an intensive user and time how long the battery takes to be completely depleted. We then repeat the same test with the eye gaze camera set to low power mode to mimic a user resting or not interacting with the device. Again we take a weighted average of 70% intensive and 30% low power.

For more information on improving battery life:

How can I improve the battery life of my Grid Pad device

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