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The New Write Command

Grid 3.0.30 introduces the new Write command.

The new Write command conveniently combines the best features of the old Write Text and Quick Write commands into one place, and replaces both of them.

Some definitions

Cell label – what is written on the cell

Cell text – what the cell will say when selected

Chat writing area – where sentences are composed before speaking

So, what’s different with the new Write command?

By default, the cell label and the cell text are identical in a new Write cell and remain linked when editing – making for quick and efficient creation and editing of simple content. However, at any point you can decide to make the label and text different – giving you more flexibility and customisation options for longer phrases.

How do I create a new Write cell?

In edit mode select an empty cell, then Create Cell and Write. The cursor will be placed on the cell label, so just type the label and press Enter (you can select an alternative symbol if required). That’s it, done!

TIP: An even quicker method is to press Control W whilst an empty cell is selected.

What if I want the text to be different from the label?

Follow the instructions above to create the cell and label, then set ‘same as cell label’ to Off. Now edit the text to be sent to the chat writing area in the Write command text box.

How do I edit a Write cell?

When ‘Same as cell label’ is On:
Either click on Change Label, or edit the text in the command box – any changes will be applied to both.
When ‘Same as cell label’ is Off:
Edit the label by clicking Change Label on the ribbon bar and / or change the text in the command box. This time editing the label won’t affect the text and vice versa. For more options click Advanced edit.

Can I choose symbols for individual words in a sentence?

Yes – click on Advanced edit. Place the cursor on a word and select from the suggestions or click Find Picture for more options.

TIP: Click and drag to select more than one word, and then choose one symbol for everything selected.

How do I add smart grammar to a Write cell?

Click Advanced edit, then Show Grammar. Now select the correct part of speech from the drop down box eg verb, pronoun etc.

I have a grid set which used Quick Write commands – will it still work?

Yes, it will function exactly as before. In edit mode you will see that the Quick Write commands have automatically become new Write commands.

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