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Phones compatible with The Grid 2

Note this article was last updated in 2010. It has been retained for reference use only.

We currently recommend using a mobile broadband modem, which is available either as a PCMCIA card or as a USB device. Although designed for mobile broadband, they are compatible with Grid 2 and will send SMS messages over the normal mobile phone network. If you get an ‘unlocked’ version, you should be able to use it with a normal pay as you go SIM card. This is much cheaper than using a broadband SIM card.

If you prefer a separate mobile phone, the best results are obtained with the Sony Ericsson models. High spec phones and smart phones are generally too complex for Grid 2 to handle.
You will generally need to install the software supplied with the phone or modem, but the software should not be running when you try to use it with Grid 2.

Current modems and phones supported by The Grid 2.

The following models are currently available in the UK and have been tested to be compatible with The Grid 2:

  • Huawei E1750 USB modem
  • Other Broadband (3G) Modems

The following modems have been tested with The Grid 2’s mobile phone and SMS features and are known to be compatible.

  • Zoom: 4595, 4598 (Tri-band 7.2 Mbps), & 4590 (Futureproof 14.4 Mbps)
  • Huawei E180 USB modem
  • Aircard: 750, 850 or 880 for PCMCIA slot
  • Enfora: GSM0110-01 for PCMCIA or Compact Flash slot
  • T-Mobile: Pay As You Go Mobile broadband USB stick 110 & 120 (run Sensory Update first).

Other Compatible phones

The following mobile phones have been tested with The Grid 2’s mobile phone and SMS features and are known to be compatible. Some older models may be available through Ebay or other sources.

  • Nokia: 6230, 6310i, 6021
  • Sony Ericsson: Cedar, W350, W890, C903, C510, K530i, K750i, K810i, K850i, T610, W810i, W850i, S500i, W715, W595.
  • Motorola: V360

Partially compatible phones

The following phones can be used with The Grid 2, but do not offer complete functionality.

  • Nokia: E63, 6233 6234, 6300, 7500 (sends ok but cannot read inbox)
  • LG: Shine (can send messages and read new messages, but cannot access old message in inbox)
  • Samsung: U700 (sends but cannot read inbox)
  • Samsung: U600 (not useable with Bluetooth connection, cannot read inbox)
  • Samsung: J700i (reads inbox, but cannot send messages)

Incompatible phones

The following phones are not compatible with The Grid 2:

  • Sony Ericsson: Any model with first digit less than 3, eg C205,
  • Motorola: RAZR (does not support serial connections over bluetooth)
  • Nokia: E70 (not supported), 6110 Navigator
  • Samsung: SGH – A411
  • HTC: S710, HD MINI
  • Merlin/Novatel: U530 PCMCIA wireless modem
  • LG: GM750

Other phones

If you have used a phone that is not listed with The Grid 2, please email to let us know and we will add it to this page.
If you cannot get a phone to connect to The Grid 2, please also let us know so that we can see if we can get it working.

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