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Playing music files using the music player workspace in The Grid 2

The Grid 2 can be used to play music. These instructions to make the music grid allow you to assign individual media files to different cells on your grid. To do this you need to be using a grid which uses the Music Player workspace.

The first thing you need to do is create a Music Player grid with the correct workspace.


1. Creating the music grid

  • Create a new user or create a Jump to a new grid from your current grid.
  • Press F11 to access editing mode.
  • Resize the workspace on the grid to make a large square, leaving space for cells for the music files which will be added later.
  • Press Edit Grid Settings and then go to the Commands tab.
  • Click on Add a Command, and then select Music Player Workspace.
  • Press OK and now you have changed your Grid Settings.

Adding commands to the Grid Settings means that this grid will always have this type of Workspace. To make sure that when you leave this grid your workspace changes back to the preferred communication workspace, you will need to add the Default Workspace Command.

  • In Editing mode, Select the Jump Back cell (if you do not have one then you need to create one).
  • Double Click on the cell to edit, and click on Add a Command.
  • Select Default Workspace command and click OK.


2. Creating a music file cell

  • Within Editing Mode double click on a blank cell to bring up the Edit Cell window.
  • Press Add A Command which is found in the middle of this window to bring up the Commands Window.
  • The first command needed is the Open Media File command, then click OK. This command asks you to browse for your chosen file.
  • When you select Browse you will need to navigate to your folder where your music is stored and select the music track.
  • In the Cell Appearance box you can change the Cell Text and the Picture for the cell you have just created.
  • Press OK and you have now finished your music cell.
  • This process can now be repeated to add more music.


3. Playing the music file

  • To play the music there is a choice of options. These both use the Play command.
  • If you want the file to play when you select your music cell then this command is added to the command list on the cell.
  • Alternatively there can be separate Play button which can be pressed once you have selected your music cell.

4. Finishing off the music grid

  • Other music buttons which are worth adding would be a Pause and a Stop. These are done through the same process of adding commands to cells.
  • You could also add cells to change the volume.

Please note that when you use the Open Media File command you make a copy of your music in the Users folder of your grid. If you have a lot of music this can make your grid very large and you should consider using a Program Control grid with Windows Media Player.

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