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Questions about Smartbox Update

Note: Sensory update is now called Smartbox Update

What does it do?

Smartbox Update is used to get the latest version of Smartbox software installed on your computer.

Smartbox Update will get the latest version of all Smartbox Software titles installed. You cannot select which programs will be updated.

Do I need to use Smartbox Update?

You should use Smartbox Update if you have a problem with a Smartbox Software program and you want the latest version of the software. You can also use Smartbox Update if there is a new feature available that you wish to download.

How does it work?

When you start the updater it connects to the sensory update site and checks for suitable updates. If any Smartbox Software programs are out of date it will download the latest updates and install them. The process is completely automatic. You will need a working internet connection.

To start the update process Start->All Programs->Smartbox->Smartbox Update. Click to select a language and click the ‘Update’ button.

Does this updated need a connection to the internet?


Do I need a broadband connection?

No, but it may take a long time on a dial up connection. The size of the downloads will vary depending on what is installed and when it was last updated. The updater tries to avoid downloading files unless its essential that they are required.

Do I need any other software installed?

The updater requires Internet Explorer 6 (or later) to be installed on your machine. If you have Windows XP (or Vista) its already there.

Can all users update the software?

The updater needs to be able to install new program components. If you need a system administrator to install a program, you will need to be an administrator to run the updater.

Can I roll back an update?

No – the updater will determine the latest version of eachSmartbox Software program installed on your machine and updates it. The installer will respect user settings, and also block updates if they are not yet available in your language. The only way to roll back an update is to uninstall the product and re-install it.

What happens if I unplug the internet while it’s download files?

The updater doesn’t actually update any files until it has downloaded all required files to a temporary area. If you restart the updater it will resume where it left off.

What should I do if the updated reports errors during update?

Any internet connection can fail during downloads. If this happens the updater may report an error. If so, check with your browser that you can see the Smartbox site and then restart the updater. It will resume automatically from the latest file that downloaded successfully.

Advanced Topics

What if I’m behind a proxy/ firewall?

The updater downloads files using the engine embedded in Internet Explorer. As long as Internet Explorer can see, it will work correctly.


I have multiple versions of a Smartbox program installed. Will the updated still work?

It is possible to have multiple versions of some sensory software programmes installed on a machine. Each installation should be updated separately. You should either update all installations, or none.

I’m a system manager and have many machines to update. What is the best way to proceed?

Please contact Smartbox.

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