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Release notes for The Grid 2

This answer has information about releases of The Grid 2. We periodically release updates to add new features, and these are signified by a change in version number. You can see when different features were added by looking at this list.

The Grid 2.9

The Grid 2.9 includes a new systems for Environment Control, and other features:

  • Environment Control transmitters and accessories make it easier to control devices around your home
  • The new Environment Control workspace lets you send several EC actions in a row – great for changing channel on the TV or dialing phone numbers
  • We have improved the environment control transmitters that we support
  • Support for the BioPlux bio-feedback input device for switch input
  • New “metro” style symbols for making modern looking grids

The Grid 2.8

We have added some clever new features which are listed below.

  • Compatibility mode – allows you to design grids for related software, such as Grid Player
  • Grid Player support
  • Photo viewer workspace
  • Add to dictionary – new command that enables users to add words to the prediction dictionary.
  • Support for the Easy-Wave environment controller
  • Don’t self-close grid command
  • Grid bundle export options – choose what or what not to include, such as personal email settings
  • User language – choose which language the menus appear in. For example, a user may need a French grid set, but the support worker requires the menus in English. Select your language in the Preferences window.
  • Changes to the phone workspace
  • Updated browser workspace – allows navigation and reading of web pages by paragraph.

The Grid 2.7

The Grid 2.7 is a major update to The Grid 2, and includes various features which have been requested over the past year. One of the most exciting additions is disambiguation – may sound complicated, but it’s actually how you type on your mobile phone, so typing messages to speak will be much faster. However, there are many more features to try out:

  • Autocomplete prediction and TouchType
  • Option to hide cells
  • Random phrase command
  • New commands for text navigation
  • Use a mouse or keyboard as a switch, plus other new switch options
  • Improvements to Grid Explorer window
  • New dwell and scan options for touchscreen, headpointer and mouse users
  • New display options
  • New symbol support with typing

We have now licensed the WordPower, Call Talk, Talk Together, IDV and Starting Blocks grid sets for use with The Grid 2.7. The advantage for our users is that they will be able to try out a free demonstration of all these grid sets. Please get in touch if you would like to trial these, and we will send out a CD to you as soon as the new release is available. There is more information available about how the licensing of grid sets works.

The Grid 2.6

Much improved integration with all eyegaze systems

The Grid 2.5

The default location for Users was changed to address problems on some computers running Windows Vista and multiple Windows user accounts.

The Grid 2.4

The following new features are available in The Grid 2.4:

  • Grid Explorer tabs
  • Webcam workspace
  • Program Control workspace
  • New environment control systems
  • Support for “Alea Intelligaze”, “LC Eyegaze” and “EyeTech Quick Glance eye” gaze systems

The Grid 2.3

The following new features are available in The Grid 2.3:

  • Skype calls and instant messaging
  • Mobile phone calls
  • DVD player workspace
  • Image editor
  • Data Logging and grid set analysis tools
  • Commands for playing games
  • Control MIDI instruments

The Grid 2.2

The following new features are available in The Grid 2.2:

  • International support for Widgit Rebus symbol licences.
  • Support for UUIRT and TIRA environment control systems.

The Grid 2.1

The following new features are available in The Grid 2.1:

  • Windows Vista: The Grid 2.1 is now compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • Low performance computers: The Grid 2 now works more reliably on low performance computers (notably the FuturePad Embedded). There are some new options in the advanced tab of the Preferences window for solving problems associated with slower computers.
  • Phrase linking: This advanced feature allows you to automatically correct a phrase. Examples of use include automatic verb agreement, such as changing “I was go” into “I was going”, and symbol linking, such as selecting “house” “doctor” to get “hospital”. You can also specify which symbol to use when replacing a phrase.
  • Email and SMS messages can be composed using symbols.
  • You can now select and display PNG pictures for cells.
  • Grid bundles can now include User Settings, allowing easy transport of users between computers.
  • Selecting the “Details” view in Grid Explorer displays additional information about the users (this can be changed in User Settings).
  • The Grid 2 now supports translations into different languages, with many new languages coming this year.
  • The “Tira” environment controller is supported.
  • The “GewaLink” commands for the Gewa environment controllers have been added. Videos now play full screen.
  • You can now view the words in the prediction dictionary, and add/remove words.
  • You can type the AltGr key in the Computer Control workspace (enter keycode -1).
  • They mouse movement speed can be adjusted independently of the switch scanning speed for Computer Control users.

How do I get up to date?

You can update The Grid 2 using Sensory Update, our online updater. This is installed alongside The Grid 2, and you’ll find it on your start menu. Note that unlike other online updaters, Sensory Update does not connect to the internet automatically – it only checks for updates when you want to.

If your computer / communication aid does not have access to the internet, we can send you a new CD with the update on. There is no charge for this.

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