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Remote editing in Grid 3

The Remote Editing function allows other people to edit your grid sets, without having to access your communication aid or computer. This means that parents and professionals can collaborate on developing grid sets – even at a distance.

Before you start:

  • Make sure both machine are fully up to date.
  • You will need two email accounts, one for the users machine and one for the remote editor. You will also need a Dropbox account for the users email address. This can be set up from inside Grid 3. See notes for more details on how the addresses are used.
  • You will need a licensed version of Grid 3 on the user;s machine. A licence is not required on the editors machine.

Setting up Users machine

1. Start Grid 3 and under User Settings make sure the user is set as the Primary User.

2. Under User Settings-Accounts you will need to create or sign in with a Smartbox Account and a Dropbox account. When you sign into Dropbox, you will need to scroll down to see the Sign In or ‘Create new account’ button. After signing in you will also need to allow Grid 3 to access your Dropbox account.Remoteedit2016 connect 3

3. Finally, you can click the Remote Editors button and add the email address for the remote editor. If they don’t have a Smartbox account, they will be sent an email inviting them to create an account.

Setting up Editors machine

1. Grid 3 must be installed, but does not need a licence.

2. When the user starts Grid 3, select Remote Editing on the left.

3. You will need to sign in with the editors email address and password.

4. You will now see a list of users who have given you permission to edit their grids. Select the user and their grids will download onto your computer.

remote edit primary user screen

Making changes

You can view and edit any of the grid sets in the normal way. When you leave edit mode, and save changes, you will see a synchronisation icon next to the user and any grid sets which are being updated.

remote edit screen shot 5

Any edits you make will be passed back to the users computer and they will be notified the grid set has updated. Next time they open the grid set they will see the new version.


You don’t have to purchase Grid 3 to be a remote editor. Simply download the free trial, and the remote editing functionality will remain even after the trial expires.

If you are a user with two computers and wish to synchronise your grids between the two computers, you will need to create two Smartbox accounts (one for each computer) and use the same Dropbox account.

If you support users who do not have an email address, or support multiple users, you can use a feature of Gmail that allows you to set up variants of your email address by putting a ‘+’ in your name. For example, if you email address is, you can use this for your Smartbox and Dropbox accounts on your computer and, on your client computers. Any password reset requests will be sent to your main gmail account.

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