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Reports in The Grid 2

The Grid 2 can generate reports summarising information about a user’s grids. You can access these from the Report menu.

Select a grid set in Grid Explorer, by clicking on it once, and then select Report from the top menu.


Vocab cell report

The vocab cell report lists each cell that has a Text command, from all the grids available to the user. For each vocab cell you can see information such as which grid it is on and which style was used for the cell.

You can also see the quickest way to get to each word from the start page. As the report can be printed, this can be a really useful reference tool when teaching someone about their grids.

To see a vocab cell report go to Analysis > Reports > Vocab Cells from the menu above a grid, or Reports > Vocab Cells from the menu in Grid Explorer.

Jump Cell Report

The Jump Cell report lists all the jump cells, along with useful information such as whether the target (the grid it jumps to) exists!

Grid Report

The Grid report lists all the grids for a user, along with the dimensions (number of rows and columns) for each one.

You can also see the quickest way to get to a grid from the start page.

Style Report

The Style report lists all the styles that you have created for a user’s grids, and summarises information such as the font name and background shape for each style.
Usefully, it also tells you how many cells use each style, so you can see which ones are needed.

Symbol Report

The symbol report lists all the symbols used within a grid set. It also gives details of which library the symbol is from, and which grid it appears on. This can be useful for checking if you have symbols that require a licence.

Compatibility Report

If you have the compatibility option turned on in the Preferences menu, this report will list which sections of your grid bundle are compatible with your chosen software. For example, if you are designing a grid set for Grid Player, it will let you know which commands and symbols are not available in Grid Player.

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