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Setting up an EasyWave Socket in Grid 3

In this example we will set up Grid 3 to control a lamp. The same procedure could be followed for any device you plug in to an EasyWave socket – just choose the appropriate device at the ‘Add Accessory’ stage below.

Setting up Grid 3 to control a lamp


Plug your lamp into a radio controlled EasyWave socket (available from Smartbox), plug the socket in to the mains, and make sure the switch on the lamp itself is ON.

Go to Menu >  Settings Environment Control and then click on Transmitters. Now click on EasyWave, and then Configure.
Check that the EasyWave transmitter has been detected by looking at the Port number eg COM5. If no Port number is displayed, click Detect.

Now we need to assign a button for controlling the lamp. Select any unused button and click Rename and then give the button a new name eg Bedroom Lamp.

EC artivle 4

From the EasyWave settings screen, highlight the button you have allocated to the lamp by clicking on it.

On the EasyWave socket, press the button ONCE to go in to training mode (the LED will begin to flash). In Grid 3, press Transmit A.

On the socket, press the button THREE times to return to operating mode (the LED will stop flashing). You can now test the settings by pressing Transmit A for on, and Transmit B for off.

Now go to Menu > Setting > Environment Control > Accessories > Add and Light Switch, then Next.

EC artivle 3

EC artivle 2

Under Transmitter, select EasyWave. Each action that you want to use needs to be allocated to a signal. Select On and then choose Bedroom Lamp A from the dropdown box. For Off, choose Bedroom Lamp B. Click OK when done.

Now open up a grid set containing environment control grids eg Symbol Talker D, go to the Lights grid and test.

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