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Setting up two Pretorian Simply Works – Switch 75s or Easyswitch with The Grid 2

Pair both switches with the Simply Works Receive

  • On the Simply Works Receive click the Pair button. A red light will flash.
  • On the Switch 75 give the P button a short press, the flashing will stop and be a constant red. A P will appear in the LED window on the switch.
  • Repeat step (b) for second Switch 75

Check both switches are paired

The easiest way to test the switches was to set one switch to a left click and one to a right click and test it on desktop (use Changing mode on switch below), do not have The Grid 2 running. If you don’t get a Right and Left Click try repairing the switches.

Changing mode on switch

  • Tap the M button on the Switch 75 until the correct letter/number appears in the Window


For a full list please see the Simply Works Instructions that come with the Switch 75


Setting up the switch in The Grid 2

  • Change the mode on the switches to 0 (Switch 1) and 1 (Switch 2)
  • Run The Grid 2
  • In The Grid 2 go to Edit – User Settings – Input settings – Switch – Connection
  • Under Switch adapter select USB Crick switch box and Port 1 ( or a generic joystick adaptor)
  • When you click your switches now the numbered boxes 1 and 2 under Switch Input Test should light up briefly when the Switch is pressed.
  • Make sure under Input settings – Switch – Switch actions that Switch 2 is set to the correct action.

You should only have to do this process once. Pairing Information is retained in Switch 75 internal memory and the Switch Settings for The Grid 2 are retained inside the User.

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