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Setting up your GEWA device for Environment Control in The Grid 2

Many of our standard grid sets include basic template grids for setting up Environmental Control to use with your TV, Hi-fi and other devices, and are usually set up with the appropriate GEWA command. The next step is for the GEWA unit to ‘learn’ the codes associated with various buttons on your remote controller.


Here is an example grid set up to include all functions for a TV, but you can build your own grids as well.


Enter editing mode by pressing F11, and choose a cell that you want to edit, such as the vol up cell. If there is not a GEWA press button command showing in the edit window, click on add a command and type GEWA into the search box. Select GEWA press button from the list, and click on OK.


Once you have the command shown above, click on Select Button. If this is the first time you have used the environment control, select COM Port and then Auto Detect to locate the GEWA Prog.

Choose a button (you have 256 at your disposal!), and rename it to something relevant, e.g “TV vol up”. Click on the Rename button to do this.

Ensure the button is highlighted, and select Learn from remote.

Locate the EC window on your device, it usually looks like a dark piece of plastic or glass, and point the remote control towards it. Click on the Start learning button, and follow the instructions listed. The first instruction is to hold down the button on the remote control. In this example, it will be the ‘Volume up’ button. Once there is a green tick in the first box, release the button and press it again quickly. You will now have 3 ticks displayed.

If you have problems with this, make sure the remote control is close to the EC window, and pointing directly at it. If you continue to have problems, click on Cancel and select Prog and Check alignment from the previous window to check you are holding the remote control in the correct place.


Once you have trained this button, you can test it works by clicking on Test button. When you are finished, press OK to return to the editing grid.

This process can now be repeated for all the other buttons on your remote control.

Advanced options with GEWA

Previously we chose to add the GEWA press button command, but there are some other commands available for use with the GEWA unit, which are listed here:

GEWA continuous button

This option is useful when wanting to avoid repeated pressing of one button. For example, if used with the volume button, the volume would increase until you selected the volume cell again. This is useful when using scanning, so that you don’t have to repeatedly navigate to the volume button when significantly varying the volume.

GEWA hold button

Some devices can be fussy about the amount of time a button needs to be held down for. For example, if you press the number one on your TV remote too long, it will take you to channel 11 rather than channel 1. This command can be used to minimize or maximize the time required to hold down the button.

GewaLink commands

Some EC devices, such as dedicated lights or curtain openers, may specify which GEWA codes need to be used. You can enter the code, rather than using the remote control to learn particular functions.

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