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Sony Ericsson phones with The Grid 2

The following phones are listed by Sony Ericsson as supporting the commands used by Grid 2.


Generic name Sony Ericsson mobile phones
Aino™ Aino™ U10i, Aino™ U10a
C510 C510, C510c, C510a
C702 C702, C702c, C702a
C901 C901, C901a, C901 GreenHeart™
C902 C902, C902c
C903 C903, C903a
C905 C905, C905c, C905a
Cedar Sony Ericsson Cedar™ J108i, Sony Ericsson Cedar™ J108a
Elm Sony Ericsson Elm™ J10, Sony Ericsson Elm™ J10i2
G502 G502, G502c
G705 G705, G705u
Hazel Sony Ericsson Hazel™J20, Sony Ericsson Hazel™J20i
Jalou™ Jalou™ F100i, BeJoo™ F100i (French market)
K530 K530i
K550 K550i, K550c
K610 K610i, K610c, K618i
K630 K630i
K660 K660i
K770 K770i
K790 K790i, K790c, K790a
K800 K800i, K800c
K810 K810i, K818c
K850 K850i, K858c
Naite™ Naite™ J105i, Naite™ J105a
Pureness™ Xperia™ Pureness™ X5, Xperia™ Pureness™ X5i
S500 S500i, S500c
T650 T650i, T658c
T700 T700
T707 T707, T707a
T715 T715, T715a
V640 V640i
W350 W350i, W350c
W380 W380i, W380c
W508 W508, W508c, W508a, W518a
W580 W580i, W580c
W595 W595, W595s
W610 W610i, W610c
W705 W705, W705u
W715 W715
W710 W710i, W710c
W760 W760i, W760c
W830 W830i, W830c
W850 W850i, W850c
W880 W880i, W888c
W890 W890i
W902 W902
W910 W910i, W908c
W980 W980i
W995 W995, W995a
Yari™ Yari™ U100i, Yari™ U100a
Z310 Z310i, Z310a
Z555 Z555i, Z555a
Z610 Z610i
Z710 Z710i, Z710c
Z750 Z750i
Z770 Z770i
Z780 Z780i, Z780a
Z780 Z780i, Z780a
Zylo Sony Ericsson Zylo™ W20, Sony Ericsson Zylo™ W20i


List updated June 2010

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