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Speech settings in Grid


Grid offers over 60 English voices as well as many more international voices. Speech settings allow these voices to be configured to suit a user’s needs.

To access Speech settings

In Grid explorer, select Menu > Settings > Speech (The menu can also be accessed by pressing F10)


Hear different voices speaking out loud by using the Voices button.

Using Configure, pitch, speed and volume can all be adjusted to add a level of personalisation to the voice.

Use Test Speech to review the changes.

Audio feedback

Choose the voice for audio highlighting, speech feedback and notifications. Audio feedback can also be sent to a different speaker.

Speak as you type

Text input into the writing area can automatically speak after each sentence, each word or each character as well as when using computer control. Just toggle On/ Off for each option.


Choose between no sound, sound only or sound plus speech for notifications.


Use this tool to correct the pronunciation of words.
Speech settings > Pronunciation

In the left-hand box, type the word that needs to be corrected. In the left-hand box type the word phonetically. Use the Test button to preview the new pronunciation and make further changes if needed.

Once you are happy with the sound, Add pronunciation and it will be added to the list. This process can be repeated as many times as needed.

Message banking

Grid 3 allows you to record specific personal phrases in your own voice for future use in communication. The recorded parts will use your voice and any other words will be filled in by the synthesized voice. You can find more information on message banking here:

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