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Super Core Communication Book: FAQs

On this page, we have tried to answer any questions you may have regarding the Super Core Communication book from how to use, what content is included and who is it designed for.

What paper is used in the communication book?

The paper used in the book is designed to be hard-wearing, water and tear-resistant.

Can we buy the paper?

Unfortunately, no. There are many commercial alternatives available which will work with most home printers.

How can pages be replaced if lost or damaged?

Grids can be printed from Grid 3.

Can I personalise the book?

When you purchase the Super Core Communication Book, it comes with three sections: Core, Activities and Topics. The core vocabulary pages are already inside the folder, and the Activity and Topic pages are provided separately so you can choose which ones to include in the book.

We use Super Core 50. Is the Communication Book suitable for us?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst the layout of the Communication Book is based on the Super Core 30 grid set, the vocabularyand how it is designed and organised follows exactly the same principles as Super Core 50 and the Learning Grids. 

Can I use the Communication Book and the Super Core grid set? 

Yes! The book can be either be used by itself, or alongside an electronic communication aid, to allow someone to access communication in situations when their device may not be available or practical. 

Can I buy one for personal use? 

The Super Core communication book is available for anyone to buy via our online shop

Do you have any training available?

Our Simple AAC resources can help anyone who is supporting someone to learn and use symbol communication. You can read more about that here.

We have not used complex vocabularies before, would this be suitable for us?

Low tech or paper-based solutions are often the most cost-effective way of exploring AAC for the first time. The book is designed to have a simple, easy to use navigation and wide-ranging content that can be explored with ease – and without risk or fear of failure!

What do I get when I buy the Super Core Communication Book?

In the box you will find the Super Core Communication Book folderwhich includes all of the core vocabulary, the Core, Activity and Topic dividers, and the Mini Core. You will also find vocabulary pack containing the Activity pages, and another containing the Topic pages. Each box also includes a shoulder strap which can be attached to the book, and a flyer telling you where to find all of our online resources for the book. 

What symbol libraries is the book available in?

Currently, the book is only available in Widgit symbols. If you use a different symbol library and would like to see the book developed in that library, please let us know via an email

What language is the book available in?

UK English.

What access methods is the book suitable for?

The book can be used by someone pointing to the symbols directly or by someone using Partner Assisted Scanning. 

Who is it for?

The book is designed for children who need to use AAC to communicate, including those who are: 

  • Starting out with symbol communication 
  • Exploring more comprehensive vocabulary 
  • Pointing to symbols (using direct access) 
  • Using Partner Assisted Scanning (PAS) 

How is the book set up for Partner Assisted Scanning? 

The book has been designed with the following features, which may support someone who is using PAS:  

  • Words are arranged vertically, so pages are scanned top to bottom, then left to right 
  • Point and slide tab system, so the communication partner can touch each tab as they say the tab label, and if the person indicates “yes” they can simply slide their finger up to get to that section of the book 
  • Semantic grouping, so words are grouped together by meaning, helping to make the vocabulary more predictable (e.g. vehicles which go on water are all in the same column) 
  • Core vocabulary is always available from the top core or the mini core 
  • Words which are repeated on different pages are always in consistent locations  

How many Topic pages are there?


How many Activities pages are there?


Is this product VAT free?

This product can be purchased VAT free via purchase order 

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