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Touch settings in Grid


The ability to adjust touch settings within Grid allows for grid sets to be made available to users with complex touch needs.

Editing touch settings

In Grid Explorer, open the Menu and select Settings (or press F10). Then Access > Touch.


There is a range of settings within Touch Settings that can be altered to suit a users access ability.

Do not use touch
This disables the touch screen as an access method for Grid

Activate last item touched (on release)
Grid will pick up a touch and activate any actions on the cell on release

Activate first item touched
This setting means the cell touched will be instantly activated, regardless of if the touch remains on the screen after the initial touch is registered

Touch and hold to activate
Touch needs to be held on a cell to activate it. The time and appearance of the dwell can be adjusted to suit the user.

Prevent repeat activations
This allows for multiple accidental selection without disregarding the first touch. A timer delay can be specified on the slider

Allow repeat activations on the same cell
Allows a cell to be continuously activated, even when Prevent repeat activations is enabled


Highlights show which cell is currently active. You can choose the colour and change the way it is displayed, including an option to zoom on chosen/ highlighted cells.

Alongside visual highlighting, you will also find the options for audio feedback for Touch here.

No sound when highlighting
No audio will play when a cell is selected

Speak a description when highlighted
This uses the audio highlighting voice (see Lesson 3.3 ) to read out the label of the selected cell

Play sound when highlighting
Plays a sound each time a new cell is highlighted

On-screen keyboard
This icon opens a touch-ready, on-screen keyboard when selected

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