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Using Abbreviation Expansion in The Grid 2

Abbreviation Expansion is a useful tool to limit the amount of typing you need to do when writing. This can be particularly useful for people with restricted access, for whom typing is slow.

How it works

You can select an abbreviation for a common word or phrase that you use. For example, I could use the abbreviation “bh” for my name, “Barney Hawes”.

To do this I need to add this abbreviation to The Grid 2. Then I can type “bh” in a message, conversation or email, and the prediction will suggest “Barney Hawes”. If I select this option, the letters “bh” will be replaced with “Barney Hawes” in my writing.

Setting it up

To add an abbreviation, follow these steps:

Go to Edit > User Settings
Select Dictionaries > Abbreviation Expansion
Enter the abbreviation (e.g. “bh”) in the New Abbreviation box
Enter the expansion (e.g. “Barney Hawes”) in the Abbreviation Expansion box
Click on Add abbreviation

Your abbreviation will now appear in the list. You can add more abbreviations if you wish (by following the last 3 steps again). Click OK when you have finished.

Using your abbreviations

To use your abbreviations, simply type them into a workspace. Your expansion will be displayed in a prediction cell, and selecting this cell will expand your abbreviation.

A few points to note:

You need to have at least one prediction cell on the grid to see abbreviation expansion.

You must start a new word (e.g. my “Barney Hawes” expansion would not be displayed if I typed “abh”).

If you have more than one prediction cell, predicted words will appear after the abbreviation expansion.

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