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Using Grid 3 as a Speech Generating Device (SGD)

If you require a device to be used as a dedicated speech generating device (SGD), and lock out additional Windows functionality, Grid 3 can be installed using a specific licence which activates this functionality.

These licences are available from Smartbox and our partners, for more information please get in touch. Smartbox devices that are funded within the US are supplied with a SGD licence to meet the criteria for Medicaid and Medicare support (for more information visit our US funding site).

Why set up Grid 3 as a Speech Generating Device?

When Grid 3 is setup with an SGD licence, all Windows functionality is removed and the device will boot directly into Grid 3. This means the device is solely used for communication without Computer Control options for accessing other software, nor can Grid 3 be shut down. This keeps the device ready to talk quickly and easily without additional software needed.

Devices setup with the SGD licence code are compliant with US Medicare and Medicaid funding models that require a dedicated device.

What devices support the Grid 3 SGD licence?

All of our Grid Pad devices support the SGD licence version of Grid 3. In addition, the licence can be used with any version of Window 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, excluding Windows 10 S which does not support Grid 3.

What Grid 3 features are removed by using the Speech Generating Device licence

  • Interactive learning
  • Music and video
  • Photos and camera
  • Internet (web browser in particular)
  • Calculator
  • Word processor
  • Timer
  • Phone calls
  • Computer control – however commands like shutdown, reset etc have been left available.
  • Environment control
  • Online Grids

How to install Grid 3 with an SGD licence

Please note: When Grid 3 is installed with an SGD licence you will no longer be able to access any Windows program, system settings and other device functions until the device is unlocked using the separate SGD unlock licence.

Grid 3 should be installed as usual on your device with the standard .exe file ( see: Installing Grid 3 ). Once complete, open Grid 3 and select the yellow box to enter your licence code.

When prompted, enter your Grid 3 SGD licence code, this begins with GENMC followed by 10 characters.

Once the licence has been authorized, your device will restart and Grid 3 will open.

You can perform an offline activation using a second internet connected device following these instructions: Activate Smartbox software without an internet connection.

Device maintenance when an SGD licence is active

With a Speech Generating Device licence active, support and maintenance should only be carried out by a professional partner of Smartbox. Please contact your supplier for assistance.

Removing the Speech Generating Device licence

To unlock a device that has the Speech Generating Device licence installed, you will need an unlock licence. These can be purchased from Smartbox or your supplier. This licence can be applied by going to Menu – Settings and selecting the Licence tab. From here tap the Activate button and enter your unlock code. Once activated, your device will restart and you will be able to access Windows without restriction and Grid 3 commands will be unlocked.


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