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Using Grid 3’s commands to change settings

Grid 3 has a number of commands that allow you to control and change your settings – e.g. dwell times, voice speed and more.

It is important to note that these adjustments are only maintained until the grid set is closed or the settings dialog is opened. It will always change back to the settings that you have within the Grid 3 settings dialog.

If you regularly find yourself changing these settings with Grid 3’s commands, it may be worth changing them in Grid 3’s settings so that they’re always right for you.

The settings that can be changed using commands (version and above):

Speech settings – for both public and private voices there is the option to set to value, or increase/decrease by 10%

  • Voice volume
  • Voice speed
  • Voice pitch

It is also possible to have a ‘live’ cell that shows the current value for each of these settings Access settings – all settings can be increased or decreased.

  • Dwell time
  • Computer control dwell time
  • Zoom-to-click magnification time
  • Zoom-to-click time
  • Switch scanning time

To adjust these settings more permanently, see the guides on these pages:

Speech settings

Access settings
Touch –
Mouse/pointer –
Eye gaze –
Switch –

You can also use Grid 3 commands to adjust the brightness and volume of your device.

These commands can be found in the Grid 3 settings category. These settings are maintained even after closing Grid 3.

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